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"A Divided Kingdom Cannot Stand"


The Little Book

Doesn't Want You To Read

by Raymond S. Porter



THIS IS A MUST-READ BOOK for every household, young and old, even lawmakers. Some may call it controversial, some may say it’s timely and on point, but I say it’s ordained and inspired by God. With the purpose to reveal the truth concerning heated divisible topics that have divided our country, such as homosexuality, this book will expose the truth, origin, and the dangers of it. And abortion, Satan’s secret diabolical plot that masks human sacrifice, and how to possibly achieve financial freedom for all Americans, racism and how it all started in America. And why God will allow the bear to defeat the eagle in His impending judgement on America. And much more you can’t afford to miss. The author invites you to take this short journey with him and read the little book the Devil doesn’t want you to read.


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God Bless America!

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